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NICOP Closing Ceremony

Thursday, 3 July


  • Larry Hinzman

Reading of necrology

  • H. Jesse Walker and Antoni Lewkowicz

Summary of conference achievements

  • Douglas Kane

Announcement of new officers of IPA

  • Jerry Brown

Invitations for future conferences

  • Russia TICOP (2012)
  • EUROP III (2010)
  • Canadian Conference

Tribute to Professor Melnikov

  • Yuri Shur
  • Rudolf Zhang

Awards ceremony

  • Jennifer Harden
  • IPA Péwé and Melnikov Awards - Hans Hubberton
  • PYRN-IPA Poster Awards - Ken Hinkel

Plans for next phase of IPY-IPA activities

  • Hanne H. Christiansen

Conference resolutions

  • Antoni Lewkowicz

Thanks to the support staff

  • Douglas Kane

Closing of Conference

  • New president IPA

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