Sustainability in a changing arctic: forces for change and sustainability options

Overview Human activities are altering many factors that determine the fundamental properties of ecological and social systems. Is sustainability a feasible goal in a world in which these controls are changing with a directional trend over time? This is a global problem, but Alaska is a particularly appropriate place to address this question because of rapid climate warming. This talk addresses the changes in environment and ecosystems that are occurring in Alaska and the impacts they are having on rural communities of Alaska.

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Current Fairbanks Time:
Speaker: Terry Chapin
Institute of Arctic Biology, UAF

Location: 401 Akasofu Building
Date: Wednesday, October 7, 2009
Time: 7:00pm


Tohru Saito

Sorry folks for the technical difficulties on the web streaming, we were using a new setup and it evidently needs more tuning. Check back to this page in a couple days and we'll post some video that you can download or watch online.

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