Igor Semiletov

Igor Semiletov
Research Professor
affiliations: IARC
location: 207 C Akasofu Building
email: igorsm attsymbol for nospam iarc [dot] uaf [dot] edu
phone: 907-474-6286


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Dr. Igor Semiletov has joined the IARC as the visiting scientist from the Pacific Oceanological Institute, Far Eastern Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences. His primary research interest is Carbon Cycling in the Arctic atmosphere-land-shelf system. While his earlier research emphasized sources and sinks of CO2 and CH4 in the Arctic and their relationships to atmospheric maximums of both major greenhouse gases over the Arctic, his interests have expanded in recent years to include hydrochemistry of the Arctic Shelf Seas including the Bering Sea and linkages to changes in the atmospheric circulation, precipitation, and riverine input into the Arctic Ocean. In IARC, he concentrates his efforts on establishing US-Russia cooperative work in connection with and support of several major research efforts such as SEARCH, RAISE, SBI, ASOF, as well as a study of the circulation and water mass structure of the Bering, Chukchi, East Siberian and laptev Seas and collection of the historical information concerning with the Northern Sea Route Exploration.

Semiletov received his Ph.D. from the P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow) in 1988. From 1977 he has been a research scientist and Head of the Laboratory of Geochemistry in the Polar Regions (from 1997) at the Pacific Oceanological Institute (POI), Vladivostok. He has organized and performed 17 all-seasonal marine (7), coastal and terrestrial (10) expeditions of POI into the Amerasian sector of the Arctic, including the First Oceanographic Expedition performed during one navigation-2000 along the Northern Sea Route without the ice-breaker support. In 2003, he organized and led the first joint Russia-US expedition in the East Siberian Sea. He is Member of the Steering Committee for a Russian-American Initiative on Shelf-Land Environments in the Arctic (RAISE), PICES Working Group: CO2 in the North Pacific. He is also Editor of the Proceedings of Arctic Regional Center, which was established in Vladivostok in 1997. He is also the represenative of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.