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Troubleshooting Our Site

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We have created this page to help troubleshoot any problems that you may be experiencing while visiting our website. If you are having troubles with this site, or if the page appears strange, please follow our general guidelines below.

1. Outdated browser:
Our website utilizes Javascript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Some old browsers will not display this site properly. This is a screenshot of what our website should look like if you are using Mozilla Firefox 1.0. If you are using Netscape 4.7 or earlier or Internet Explorer 4 or earlier, you will need to upgrade your browser in order to view this site properly. Updating your browser is very simple and free.

Solution: download and install the latest version of one of these browsers:

2. Settings:
Please make sure your browser has the following settings in preferences/options:

  • Javascript should be enabled.
  • Plug-ins should be enabled.
  • Use the site's style sheet instead of your own.
  • Use page-specified fonts and colors.
  • Show pictures.
  • Set your browser's cache to refresh at least once per session to get the latest content.

3. Layout:
We use Cascading Style Sheets for our site layout and text appearance. If the site layout seems strange, please make sure you are using the page stylesheet (see #2).

4. Text Size:
We have designed our site's text to be of average size. You may wish to alter the text size for your best viewing experience. You can do this by opening the View menu and increasing/decreasing text size. This will temporarily alter the font size. To make this change permanent, open the preferences/options and find the section for appearance, fonts or display and edit appropriately. Your browser may need to be restarted for changes to take effect.

5. Accessibility:
This site is accessible in a text-based browser. Accesskeys are used for the main navigation and a jump to content link is included. Please contact the webmaster at webmaster@iarc.uaf.edu if you have any questions or trouble with our site's accessibility

6. Printing:
Why does the printed web page look different from the on-line version? Cascading Style Sheets have been used to create a printer friendly version of all pages automatically. Our web pages will print content-only. This means that the header, footer, and navigation of each page will not be included in the hard copy. This saves ink and paper and delivers pure content.

7. Textual Content Style:
We use the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition for style reference on pages that are taken directly from annual or program reports. Elsewhere, Associated Press (AP) style is used.

8. Contact Webmaster:
If you have found errors on our site, have comments, suggestions, questions, or are still experiencing problems, please email webmaster@iarc.uaf.edu.

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