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ACCAP Pilot Project : Interior Land Use and Subsistence J.Walsh and others
ACCAP Pilot Project : Tundra Lakes L.Hinzman and others
ACCAP Pilot Project: Sea Ice J.Walsh and others
Alaska Lake Ice and Snow Observatory Network (ALISON) K.Morris and M.Jeffries
Applied Physics Laboratory 2007 Beaufort Sea Ice Camp (APLIS07) J.Hutchings and others
Archival and diagnosis of IPCC model output for the Arctic V.Kattsov
Arctic Atmosphere: Weather and Climate Variability, Models and Observations X.Zhang
Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA) J.Walsh and others
Arctic Cyclones and Eurasian Hydroclimatology V.Alexeev and J.Cherry
Arctic Ecosystem and Biogeochemical Observations and Modeling C.Deal
Arctic in Rapid Transition C. Wegner
Arctic Modeling Group J.Wang and others
Arctic Ocean Model Intercomparison Project (AOMIP) A.Proshutinsky and others
Arctic Ocean Models and Observations I.Polyakov
Arctic sea-ice measurement campaign coordination CliC Arctic Sea-Ice Working Group
Arctic System Modeling L. Hinzman, A.Roberts
Arctic Weather Initiative J.Walsh
Atmosphere/Sea Ice/Ocean/Ecosystem W.Hibler and J.Hutchings
Attribution and Prediction of Arctic Change J.Walsh
Changes in Permafrost and Snow Cover in the Arctic T.Zhang
Circumpolar Synthesis and Integration; Feedbacks of Arctic Ecosystems to the Climate System D.McGuire, E.Euskirchen, C.Deal, and M.Jin
Climate Variability in the Arctic U.Bhatt
Climatic-Gradient of the Physical Soil Properties Applicable to Large-Scale Climate Models K.Saito
CO2 Measurements: Preparation for the Carbon Cycle M.Ueyama
Constructing an Arctic System Model to Understand Climate Change J.He
Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean-Ice-Ecosystem Models J.Wang
Development and Implementation of a 4Dvar Data Assimilation system for the Hindcast/Forecast of Circulation in the Gulf of Alaska, Bering, Chukchi, East Siberian, and Beaufort Seas, and the Arctic Ocean G.Panteleev
Development of a New Algorithm of Snow Depth and Carbon Dynamics Y.Kim
Ecosystem Modeling to Understand the Influence of Sea Ice on Arctic Primary Production and Biogeochemical Cycling M.Jin
Ecosystem Parts of the IARC Earth System Model M.Jin
Estimation of Snowfall and Snow Distributions in Alaska and the Pan-Arctic J.Cherry
Evaluation and Diagnosis of Arctic Output of IPCC Simulationis V.Kattsov
Evaluation of State-of-the-Art Global Coupled Climate Models to be Used in Projections of the Arctic Climate V.Kattsov
Feedbacks Affecting Polar Amplification V.Alexeev and S.Vavrus
Feedbacks of Arctic Ecosystems to the Climate System Vegetation Responses of Energy and Greenhouse Gas Exchange to the Climate Change Y.Harazono and H.Iwata
Forging Links Between Western Science and Indigenous Knowledge in Context of Climate Change Education R.Barnhardt and S.Topkok
Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) Derived Water Storage Changes of the Arctic Permafrost Watershed Regions R.Muskett
Ground-Based Forest Survey for Biomass Estimation by ALOS/PALSAR over Boreal Forest in Alaska and Carbon Dynamics Y.Kim
High Resolution Surface Air Temperature Downscaling in Siberia and Alaska: The TopoClimate Model V.Alexeev
High-Resolution Strategies for Simulation of Global and Arctic Climate D.Atkinson
IARC-JAXA Information System Research Group
IARC/JAXA Information System (IJIS)
Ice Covered Ocean Response To Atmospheric Systems (ICORTAS) H.Simmons
Ice-Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction W.Hibler and J.Hutchings
Improvement of the Arctic Ocean Modeling with Appropriate Representation of Mesoscale Processes E.Watanabe
Improving Near-Surface Hydroclimate Estimation through Snow Physics/Dynamics Refinement in a Global Climate Model K.Saito
Influence of Arctic Vegetation on the Climate System D.McGuire
International Arctic Buoy Program (IABP)
Large-Scale Near-Surface Moisture Variation K.Saito
Marine Ecosystem Modeling to Understand the Influence of Sea Ice on Arctic Primary Production and Biogeochemical Cycling M.Jin
Modeling of Frozen Soil Regimes N.Mölders
Modeling Sea Ice-Ocean-Ecosystem Responses to Climate Changes in the Bering-Chukchi-Beaufort Seas with Data Assimilation of RUSALCA Measurements J.Wang and others
Modeling study on the reponse of lower trophic level production to climate change M.Jin
Monitoring of CO2 Emission in a Black Spruce Forest, Akaska Y.Kim
Mt. McKinley Weather Station
Multi-decadal Variability in the Arctic/North Atlantic Climate System I.Polyakov
Multi-Sensor Satellite Detection and monitoring of the Arctic sea-ice G.Belchansky
Nansen and Amundsen Basins Observational System (NABOS) I.Polyakov
North American Fire Monitoring Project T.Heinrichs and K.Engle
North by 2020 H. Eicken, A. Lovecraft
Observations and modelling of Dense Water Cascading from the Laptev Sea Shelf V.Ivanov
Ocean Ecosystem Modeling J.Wang
Paleoclimate Change V.Romanovsky
Paleopermafrost: Variations and Evolutions under Different Climate K.Saito
Pan-Arctic Studies of the Coupled Tropospheric, Stratospheric, and Mesospheric Circulation R.Collins, D.Atkinson and others
Permafrost Modeling and Data Assembly T.Zhang
Permafrost-Freshwater Interactions V.Romanovsky and S.Marchenko
Pilot Ocean Model Intercomparison Project (P-OMIP) H.Simmons
Poker Flat Research Range Super-Site Rikie Suzuki
Post-Fire Impact on Permafrost K.Yoshikawa
Process Studies: Permafrost Observation, Analysis, Interpretation
Sea ice Experiment: Dynamic Nature of the Arctic (SEDNA) J.Hutchings and others
Sea Ice Tide-Inertial Interaction (SITII): Observations and Modeling J.Hutchings, W.Hibler and A.Roberts
Siberian Shelf Study I.Semiletov and N.Shakhova
Snow Cover and Biology in the Arctic D.McGuire, N.Mölders, V.Romanovsky, and M.Stieglitz
Social Vulnerability to Climate Change in Alaskan Coastal Communities D.Atkinson and others
Study of uncertainty of sea ice albedo in the Arctic in observations and modeling G.Belchansky
Synthesis of Models to Understand Ice-Ocean-Atmosphere Coupling in the Arctic Basin A.Roberts
Terrestrial Ecosystem Models and Observations Y.Kim
The Arctic Climate System from the Perspective of Freshwater Budget and Pathways X.Zhang
The Arctic Ocean Modeling in a Generalized Curvilinear Orthogonal Coordinate System E.Watanabe
The Role of Arctic Low Pressure Systems in Generating Internal Waves in the Arctic Ocean A.Roberts
The Role of Clouds in Arctic Climate Change S.Vavrus
The Role of Ice Melting in Providing Available Iron to the Surface Water of the Eastern Bering Sea Shelf J.Wu and A. Aguilar-Islas
The Role of in Interactions with the Water Cycle in the Arctic Climate D.McGuire, N.Mölders, V.Romanovsky, and M.Stieglitz
The Role of Sea Ice Cover Change on the Marine Ecosystem Using Multi-Sensor Remote-Sensing Approaches E.Watanabe
Vegetation and Permafrost Dynamics in Interactions with the Water Cycle in the Arctic Climate N.Mölders
Wildfire Aerosol Characterization C.Cahill
Wildfire Impact to Ecosystem, Permafrost, and Hydrology in Alaska M.Fukuda
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