Vladimir Ivanov

Vladimir Ivanov
Visiting Research Associate Professor
affiliations: IARC
location: 207 A Akasofu Building
email: vivanov attsymbol for nospam iarc [dot] uaf [dot] edu
phone: 907-474-2692


IARC Programs


Professional Interests

  • Arctic Ocean water masses structure and variability
  • Deep convection in the Nordic Seas gyres
  • Dense water cascading off the continental shelf
  • Process-oriented mathematical modeling in the ocean
  • Modern methods of oceanographic data treatment and analysis


  • M.S., Physical Oceanography, Leningrad Hydrometeorological Institute, 1982
  • Certificate, Computer Programming, Institute of Management and Programming, 1985
  • Certificate, Mathematics, St. Petersburg State University, 1988
  • Certificate, Atmospheric sciences, European Research Course on Atmospheres, 1999
  • Ph.D, Physical Oceanography, Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, 1992

Selected Publications

  • Ivanovv, V.V., G.I. Shapiro, J.M. Huthnance, D.M. Aleynik, P.N. Golovin. 2004. Cascades of dense water around the World Ocean. Progress in Oceanography 60: 47-98.
  • Shapiro, G.I., J.M. Huthnance, and Ivanov V.V. 2003. Dense water cascading off the continental shelf. Journal of Geophysical Research 108 (C12) art: no, 3390.
  • Schauer, U., B. Rudels, E.P. Jones, L.G. Anderson, R.D. Muench, G. Bjvrk, J.H. Swift, V.V. Ivanov, and A.M. Larsson. 2002. Confluence and redistribution of Atlantic water in the Nansen, Amundsen and Makarov basins. Annales Geophysicae 20: 257-273.
  • Alekseev G.V., O.M. Johannessen, V.V. Ivanov, A. Korablev, and D. Kovalevskii. 2001. Interannual variability of water mass in the Greenland Sea and the adjacent areas. 2001. Polar Research 20 (2): 201-208.
  • Ivanov, V.V., S.V Lukianov, and A.V. Pnyushkov. 2001. Flow Structure near an Island in a Shallow Strait. Water resources C/C of Vodnye resursy, ISSN 0097-8078, 28(5): 523-527.
  • Rudels, B., R. Meyer, E. Fahrbakh, V.V. Ivanov, S. Osterhus, D. Quadfasel, U. Schauer, V. Tveberg and R. Woodgate. 2000. Water mass distribution in Fram Strait and over the Yermack Plateau in summer 1997. Annales Geophysicae 18: 687-705.
  • G.V. Alekseev, L.V. Bulatov, V.F. Zakharov and V.V. Ivanov. 1998. Heat expansion of Atlantic Water in the Arctic Basin. Russian Meteorology and Hydrology 7: 69-78.