Research Highlights

Research contributes to more robust Arctic sea ice predictions

Tue, 02/17/2015 - 07:22

A new study may help policy makers and planners with more accurate Arctic sea ice predictions.

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Scientist of the Month: Anna Liljedahl

Sun, 02/01/2015 - 10:40

Anna Liljedahl has worked at IARC and INE as a research assistant professor in permafrost hydrology since 2011. Her research integrates computer simulations and field measurements with a focus on how glaciers, permafrost, and/or tundra landforms affect the storage and flow of water at the watershed scale. Read More

Spotlight Stories

SNAP Designer and Collaborators Receive Award

Thu, 02/26/2015 - 12:18

Kristin Timm of IARC’s Scenarios Network for Alaska and Arctic Planning program and her collaborators received the People’s Choice award in the poster division of the Annual Visualization Challenge competition. Read More

IARC Graduate Receives Award

Sun, 01/04/2015 - 15:41

Soumik Basu received the Best Poster Award at the Fifth National Research Conference on Climate Change, held in New Delhi, December 19-20, 2014.  Read More