How to Propose An IARC Sponsored Event

Since the IARC mission is to serve as in important focal point of international global climate change research, input from the international arctic science community is crucial. The IARC will choose projects for collaboration and coordination from those proposed by international groups or disciplines, as described in the IARC Program Plan. Therefore, interested groups or disciplines should contact the IARC director's office if they wish to propose an IARC-sponsored workshop or conference:

The proposals should specifically address how the workshop or conference will relate to IARC activities. After the conclusion of the workshop or conference, the group or discipline will submit a report to the IARC director. This report will potentially become the basis for consideration of the activity as an IARC project. This decision will be made by the IARC Science Advisory Board. If selected, it will be included in the IARC Program Plan for review by the NSF Oversight Concil, NSF, and the National Science Board.

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