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Photo Credits

  • Akasofu building under the aurora by Masahito Ueyama
  • Photos on the Mt. McKinley webpages are by Tohru Saito, unless otherwise noted.
  • Photo of the IARC director on the welcome page by Kimberly Hayes.
  • Conference room photos - by Jennifer Moss and Kimberly Hayes
  • Akasofu building photos - by Tohru Saito and Jennifer Moss
  • Staff photos were taken by Vicky Zins, Jennifer Moss, Kimberly Hayes and others.
  • Ice photo on header -  by Tohru Saito


  • Research Highlights have been written by Tom Alton, Barbara Travis, Ned Rozell, Jennifer Moss and IARC researchers.
  • Webpage development, design, module programming and maintenance is by Jennifer Moss and Craig Stephenson.
  • Webpage updates by Yuri Bult-Ito.
  • Webpage translation by Yuri Bult-Ito.
  • Gallery powered by Gallery 2.
  • Blogging software by Wordpress.
  • CMS by Drupal.
  • Calendar by VTCalendar.
  • Vector illustrations courtesy of the Integration and Application Network ( .
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