Visiting Scientists

The IARC visitor program provides unique opportunities for collaboration and interaction with scientists from around the globe. Visits may last from a few days to a year or longer and will produce results in the form of joint publications and improved scientific understanding.

An area of mutual interest can be the basis for a visit, with timing, duration, and level of support determined by the relevant group. This flexibility creates a great number of opportunities in developing CAMP and ACIA, as well as new small climate monitoring projects and the database centers that are associated with each separate effort, involving the most appropriate scientists.

Long-term collaborations between IARC researchers and researchers from other organizations, in other formats, are also encouraged. These interactions are formalized through reciprocal appointments. We plan to:

  • work closely with the UAF affiliate faculty
  • establish a close relationship with several institutions
  • develop the program for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and visiting scientists as extensively as the budget allows